Levelling-Up And Regeneration Bill 2022-23

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Date: Thursday 8th December 2022
Speaker(s): Sarah Thompson-Copsey
CPD Time: 1 hour
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Allowing “local communities to rent out shops which have been sat empty for a year or longer” in an attempt to “breathe new life into high streets” the Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill gives local authorities the power to ‘auction’ off vacant high street premises for up to 5 years. How will this work in practice and what does it mean for landlords – as well as for high street tenants?

  • Qualifying criteria: “designated high street” “vacancy condition” and “local benefit condition” –what do they mean?
  • What notices must be served and can the landlord appeal?
  • How will “rental auctions” work and what will the new tenancy look like?
  • Potential problems with consent to change of use, alterations and sub-letting: working round them?

Sarah Thompson-Copsey, Non-Practising Solicitor, Legal Lecturer and Trainer

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