Vulnerable Beneficiaries

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Date: Monday 28th November 2022
Speaker(s): Professor Lesley King
CPD Time: 1 hour
Duration: 1 hour
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Parents often want to make provision for children with a disability by will. A different problem arises when a vulnerable beneficiary has the benefit of a substantial damages award. In what circumstances will the Court of Protection authorise gifts from such an award and when should an application for a statutory will be made? This session will looks at

  • Loss of means tested benefits
  • The IHT disadvantages of discretionary trusts
  • The IHT benefits of complying with IHTA 1984, s89
  • Lifetime trust or will trust – does it matter?
  • Income tax and CGT treatment
  • How to draft a s89 trust
  • Gifts and statutory wills

Professor Lesley King, Professional Development Consultant, University of Law

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