Some Tricky Conveyancing Issues


Four topics will be considered with an explanation as to why they might present difficulties in practice. The background law and practice will be explained together with pragmatic approaches to their effective management in a busy office. Topics covered will include:

  • Solar Panels – outright purchase with the property or the subject of a lease?
  • Build Over Agreements – their increasing relevance to extensions on residential properties
  • SDLT on chattels – unreasonable apportionments and other inducements
  • Right of first refusal of lessees to buy a freehold – when might this be required?

Learning objectives

On completion of this video you should be able to:

  • Understand the underlying issues behind Solar Panels, Build Over Agreements, SDLT and Right of first refusal of lessees to buy a freehold
  • Be more likely to avoid complaints or negligence in the office
  • Have a better awareness of the issues raised and practical approaches adopted for their effective management



Andrew Crawford lectures extensively around the country and brings his experience in private practice to make the law relevant to practitioners. Andrew brings the law alive with a touch of humour and cynicism and makes the theory relevant to the practical problems faced by hard pressed conveyancers at the coal face – always mindful of the need and difficulty of making conveyancing profitable. Andrew’s training company AAC Law Ltd is a recognised SRA CPD Provider. Andrew co-writes the Law Society CQS On-line training modules jointly with Prof Peter Reekie.

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